Scan Smart Australia proximity systems.

Scan Smart  AD / ID systems are integrated systems using Scan Smart Apps and proximity devices for  both identification and display systems. Below are just some of the industries we can provide solutions for.
If your industry is not there please contact us.


Intelligent Signs.

By using proximity devices we can provide smart signs to a range of commercial organisations. Directions , videos , contact details, what ever you need. 


Shopping Malls

Providing navigation directions to customers within Malls has great benefits both to the organisation and retailers enables the shopper navigate to favourite stores and pick up bonus points.


Motor Dealers 

What if your potential clients can view and get offers on selected vehicles afterhours while standing in your yard?


Health Care.

Hospitals and Aged Care are information intensive organisations and by increasing the amount of data captured and improving communications will improve overall quality while decreasing costs.



In a world where bigger is better just finding your way around a location can be time consuming and frustrating. Proximity  +  smart apps allows a smoother experience for the user.


Mining - Construction.

Mining and Construction by their very nature are dangerous. Tracking staff, contractors and visitors coupled with a smart backend offers a range of safety functionality  over the site.

Scan Smart AD

Scan Smart  AD is ideal for advertising and retail clients.  Suitable for Real Estate, Car Yards,  Signage , Shopping Malls, Indoor / Outdoor guidance, Retail Shops , in fact anywhere you want to send advertising or information to a nearby device.


Scan Smart ID

Scan Smart ID is an identification system for any industry which needs  track personnel or assets. We are building Scan Smart ID  systems  for Construction , Mining . Transport, Warehousing  in fact any where you need to track assets and personnel.